SoundCloud, Careem and Infinum will be speaking at Droidcon Amman

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A photo from previous editions of the conference

Amman-(BNEWS)- The vibrant capital city of Amman is set to host the highly anticipated Droidcon Global Conference from January 18 to 20, 2024. Known as the largest Android developer conference series outside the United States, this event is organized by OMNES Media and OMNES Technologies, under the name "Droidconamman".

The conference is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the Digital Skills Association, proudly sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB).

Droidcon Global Conference is a prestigious gathering focused on Android app development, attracting industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world. The event promises a deep dive into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the Android app development sphere.

In addition to being a hub for the latest industry insights, the Droidconamman 2024 will also serve as a prime networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect with experts and fellow developers, fostering collaborations and partnerships. Furthermore, the event will introduce job opportunities for new graduates, offering them a chance to enter the field of Android app development.

One of the standout features of this conference is the impressive lineup of speakers who are set to deliver captivating talks on cutting-edge topics. These experts hail from renowned organizations and are at the forefront of Android development.

During the event, attendees can look forward to engaging sessions such as "Exploring Kotlin Reflection: Behind the Mirror" by Danny Preussler, Android Lead at SoundCloud, where he will unravel the mysteries of Kotlin's reflection package. Filip Floreani, Android Team Lead at Infinum, will introduce attendees to the future of authentication with his session "Passkeys: The Future of Authentication," including live demonstrations of passkey implementation.

Abdulah Osoble, Senior Software Engineer at Careem, will delve into the concept of bootstrapping server-driven UI with design systems in his session, offering the attendees the key concepts and techniques involved in using a design system to bootstrap a server-driven UI implementation.

The Droidcon Global Conference in Amman promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to gain knowledge, network, and stay at the forefront of Android development.