MOUSTADAMA’s Graduation Ceremony Celebrates Energy Experts Trained in Energy Management Systems and Renewable Energy

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Gaza-(BNEWS)- On 9 May in Ramallah and on 30 May in Gaza, the MOUSTADAMA Programme from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) celebrated its new cohorts of energy experts with a special Graduation Ceremony.

The event was attended by the trainees of MOUSTADAMA’s 2nd Cycle Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Training and the Renewable Energy (RE) Training, both of which were conducted in 2022-2023 in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The ceremony has seen the participation of the highest representatives of the Ministry of National Economy, including the Minister of National Economy Khaled Osaily, as well as representatives from UNIDO and from the private sector.

The Training Programs were designed to build the capacity of local energy experts, selected from specialized industrial employees and independent professionals and consultants, by addressing the skills gaps in the energy management systems and renewable energy fields. Both trainings, which were based on state-of-the-art guidelines and practices but adapted to the Palestinian context and challenges, provided a comprehensive curriculum covering both theoretic knowledge and practical skills acquired through on-the-job interventions coordinated by local and international UNIDO experts and implemented in partner industrial host enterprises located in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Highest qualification offered by MOUSTADAMA’s energy efficiency trainings, the Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Expert Training Program builds on UNIDO's global experience in energy management and strictly follows the guidelines of ISO 50001, the international standard that provides the reference framework for a more efficient use of energy in organizations, including the industrial sector. The Renewable Energy (RE) Training is designed to provide the tools necessary for the installation of solar projects by focusing on the design, installation, testing and commissioning operation, and maintenance of various PV applications running in industrial enterprises. The practical courses were conducted in cooperation with the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO)'s Training Center in Jericho, West Bank, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)’s Training Center in Khan Younis, Gaza.

A total of 56 EnMS trainees were enrolled in the Program in West Bank and Gaza, with a total of 32 graduates passing all requirements to become EnMS experts. In the case of the RE training, 106 trainees participated and 57 were certified as experts after passing the final exam. In both courses, the participation of women met or exceeded expectations - based on the MOUSTADAMA Programme's targets of 30% of total participation - with 30% for EnMS and 41% for RE.

During the ceremonies, certificates were awarded to the experts who successfully passed the final exams of the EnMS and RE trainings. Certificates of appreciation were also given to the participants and to the industries that collaborated with MOUSTADAMA as industrial partners.

The Minister of National Economy, Khaled Osaily, emphasized the catalytic role that a new generation of energy expert can play in driving the green transition and responding to the energy needs of the State of Palestine.

"Palestine's energy security is a primary necessity to consolidate and strengthen the country's economy and pave the way for private sector growth and decarbonization", said Khaled Osaily.

"For this path to be successful, specialized human resources must be able to be trained according to international standards, and yet be aware of the specifics of the Palestinian context. MOUSTADAMA’s trainings have already proven their effectiveness in building the expertise of a new generation of energy experts: the Ministry of National Economy, which is please to reaffirm its strategic partnership with UNIDO, The Ministry recognizes the positive results achieved and hopes that the new graduates will support the Palestinian industry in strengthening its energy performance and ultimately its industrial competitiveness", he continued.

The Vice President of the Palestinian Federation of Industries and Lead Coordinator of the Private Sector Coordination Council in Gaza, Osama Al-Naasan, emphasized the achievements of the MOUSTADAMA Programme in supporting capacity building related to the provision of green expertise to Palestinian industry. "I would like to congratulate the new experts from the second cohort of the "Energy Management Systems" and "Renewable Energy" trainings for their hard work and dedication. To support a resource and energy efficient industry, green skills will become increasingly important. The industry of the future will have to be sustainable, otherwise it will no longer be competitive. That is why we are particularly pleased to see this new generation of energy experts in Gaza. The challenges facing the Strip in the energy sector are considerable. These experts will be able to play an important role in helping to ensure that energy becomes more prudent and efficient to manage", he stated.

UNIDO Palestine Senior Programme Manager, Ahmed ElFarra, expressed his satisfaction with the brilliant results achieved through the training, which will be able to offer a fundamental contribution to respond to the need for energy upgrading and decarbonization of the Palestinian industry. "The certificates that we have distributed today to the participants of our courses are not only a way of recognizing the many efforts and the commitment of these energy experts, which is certainly remarkable. Through their expertise, the experts will be able to respond positively to the growing demand from industry to improve its energy efficiency and produce green energy. Their contribution will therefore be crucial in strengthening energy performance, competitiveness and the development of sustainable solutions capable of mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable and inclusive developments'', he stated.